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The way we provide support has changed since the pandemic. We may return to support group format in future. For now we provide one to one local support as well as support via text, email or phone.
For Parents, Caregivers, Spouses or Friends who require support for a loved one with an ED.

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“You Cannot Serve From an Empty Vessel….”

Welcome! By now you have likely realized that you belong to a club that no one would willingly join.

​Eating Disorders are complex brain-based illnesses with biological, and psycho social components that can be facilitated by the right environmental triggers. EDs do not discriminate – they are equal opportunity illnesses affecting all ages, genders and ethnicities. They are also the most lethal of any mental illness.

​For the parent or caregiver, accessing care for a child or loved one with an ED, can be a terrifying and frustrating process. Terrifying because of the seriousness of the situation and frustrating when the communication of this is not acknowledged or understood by those with the ability to medically intervene.

Once a child or loved one has been medically stabilized and they have been returned home for re-feeding, supporting your loved one through this process can be isolating, overwhelming and exhausting.

In order to avoid caregiver burn-out and be most effective in your role as a caregiver – you will need to take care of you first. This may seem counter-intuitive when you understand just how ill your loved one really is….but it is imperative. Just as we would put the oxygen mask on first during air turbulence, we must also prioritize self-care so that we are better able to care for our ill loved one.

As you already likely know…resources and services for EDs are very lacking in Nova Scotia, but most especially in rural areas such as ours: the Annapolis Valley. This is why groups like ours who offer vital links of support to those caregivers in our communities who need them most, are essential.

Our group: Annapolis Valley Families Caring for Loved Ones with an Eating Disorder, offers three potential options for support:

  • support; the way we offer support has changed due to the Pandemic.  We are available through email, texting or phone.
  • our closed Face Book Page; (pending admin approval)
  • this web site (pending admin approval)

Personal circumstances and comfort level will dictate which of these will be most beneficial for you.

Whatever you decide, we are happy you have made your way here. You are amongst friends, who will undoubtedly understand the difficulty of walking this path, like no one else can.


We are not medical or mental health professionals. Please do not substitute the info on this site for medical care. If you are worried about the health and well being of a loved one, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.  We ask all members on this forum to be respectful of other's opinions. As with everything else on this site:  Take what you like and leave the rest.

Both Brigitte and myself are the admins/moderators for this site and as such will remove any posts that we deem disrespectful or abusive.

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