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Eva Musby: WORKSHOP: communication skills to support your child and be more effective

August 13, 2021 @ 11:00 am - October 12, 2021 @ 12:30 pm


Why this workshop?

Treatment for our children is tough, at a time when the eating disorder puts them in a highly distressed state. While previously, we parents did a perfectly fine job and had happy, loving children, suddenly we need to skill up.

Without new skills, our homes become war zones, or we’re constantly walking on eggshells. Parents ask, “What should I say when…?”

When we get better at connecting with our children, we reduce their distress, bring a vision of wellbeing, and make it easier for them to go through the challenges of treatment.

“I never won on the strength of my argument […], I won on the strength of our relationship”
(Psychologist Xavier Amador, talking about psychosis, but I think it’s just as applicable to eating disorders)

Content of the workshop

One and a half hour led by myself:

  • First, brief introductions to make you feel welcome and connected to everyone — feeling you’re with like-minded souls is a benefit of groups . However those of you who are Zoom-shy will be able to stay in the background throughout.
  • I focus on a few of the most effective tips for dialogue that nurtures connection and makes it more likely you will be effective.
  • I demonstrate them on some of your own situations (anyone willing to engage in a short role-play, that works well).
  • We address your questions, which usually are highly relevant to others
  • Then you can leave, or stay on for the following:

Another half hour follows for parent chat

  • You’re welcome to stay on in small groups for another half hour, so you can chat freely. Some parents really like the warmth and connection. If you need me during that time, you can call me into the room.


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